Welcome to the Crack Motel

Posted on May 24, 2012 in photography

Stopping in Baker Nevada we came across this place.  It was a bit of a mess.  Looks like it has been abandoned for years.  Abandoned by everyone but the crack addicts.

This old abandoned Pepsi Machine was probably the only cool thing left in abandoned resort.  Too bad someone had scrawled “neckface” on the front whatever that meant.

This room looks like it could use a little maid service. I just wonder who has been sleeping here every night since it looks like someone was there recently.

I wonder if this place ever turned on the No Vacancy sign. From the looks of it, I highly doubt it.

Someone decided to splurge and get the Bacardi Gold which is the good stuff evidently.

Pretty  much every room looked like this in the whole place.  There must have been 100 rooms and they were all smashed.

The only place to sit comfortably was in the empty pool which was only slightly filled with old trash. This place was a dump.