Dr Seuss and La Jolla

Posted on Jan 10, 2013 in photography

Did you know that Dr Seuss lived and worked for most his life in La Jolla California?  He bought an observation tower where he would work at least 8 hours a day writing and thinking of all the wonderful children’s books that he wrote.

Many people say that the wildlife and tree’s in La Jolla influenced the drawings that he included in those books such as the Cat in the Hat and Horton hears a Who.  The images in these book are deep in our minds because for many of us, looking at his drawings inspired some of our first day dreams.

I was walking through La Jolla and I started to realize just how influential it was on Dr Seuss.  Mostly the trees I guess and maybe the pathways along the ocean.  Here is the first scene, I came upon that made me think of it.  The tree is amazing but it looks like something I have seen from a Dr Seuss book.

tree in la jolla

I keep thinking the curvy paths along the ocean must have also influenced his drawings as well.


And I remembered last year when I was at Joshua Tree how much his book, “The Lorax” must have somehow been based on those trees too.  First is the picture on the cover of the book and then take a look at the trees in the park.