Yosemite the Beautiful

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 in Family, photography

We made the trip to see Aaron, Gem and the cute, cute, cute Chet.    What a beautiful weekend that we chose to make the trip and it was non-stop action packed fun.  Well, that’s because Aaron and Gem were such gracious host to us and drove us all the way up.

I didn’t think little Chet would be able to make the trip but what do you know he just smiled the whole time.  Even when we were in the car for hours.  I mean Chet is the best little baby ever.

Chet was so accommodating to us, letting us dress him up like a week little baby bear (and) also maybe taking some pictures of him reading a bible among other things.  I posted a gallery of all the pictures on the site which you can see here –   Yosemite the Beautiful .

Here are some of my favorites from the trip.  And thank you Aaron and Gem.









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