If Herman Were Human

Posted on May 17, 2013 in photography

If Herman were a human, he would be a model.  I think he might model for Polo Ralph Lauren. He would show up.  He would make $2,500 an hour.  He would not model clothes.  His presence and sheer handsomeness would sell clothes.  Just the fact that he was in a picture with the words Polo Ralph Lauren on the picture would sell billions in high fashion clothing.

HERMAN (1 of 1) copy

Or he might be a CEO.  A guy in charge of a big company.  He would show up casual, call the shots and take long lunches – all the while collecting big checks.

HERMAN (2 of 1) copy

Or, he might be the Mayor of New York.  Mayor of the most important city in the world laying down the law and controlling things like a boss.

HERMAN (3 of 1) copy