80 Years Serving Best Spaghetti in San Diego

Posted on Dec 27, 2013 in Funny

luigiAfter migrating to the US in 1932.  Luigi Pensacanatoni, settled in what was then known as the tiny fishing port of “San Diego” which in Italian literally translates to Crust Hamlet.

Thinking he had landed in a hamlet known for Pizza, he bought a tiny space in Point Loma.  With a single bowl and Microwave oven he opened shop that first day and served 5 drunk navy men on their way back from Downtown San Diego.  One of the men exclaimed heartily on the way out, “that he’d never laid eyes on such a Kings Banquet!”   That was it though, just 5 drunken sailors on his first day.

Not deterred by the lackluster result he pushed on and with the help of his wife, Dame Louise Betsy, turned his tiny one bowl operation into a San Diego tradition.  To this day, Luigis, son runs the operation and has not changed the recipe one bit – in fact using many of the same ingredients such as healthful radioactive salt known for its soothing elixir like effect on the mind and body.

Luigi and his wife, Dame Louise Betsy


Luigi Jr carries on the tradition serving treats like Mince Meat Pastarolli in Hobo Cans.  A treat popularized by Train Travelin Hobo’s and their Bean Cans.