Bob Filner Supporters Gather in Mission Beach

Posted on Jan 19, 2014 in photography

Bob Filners last two supporters gathered for a “Filner is still Mayor” rally in Mission Beach yesterday.  Dan Mack organized the rally which he say’s is just a grass roots and early endeavor to put the rightful and righteous mayor back in office.  “If Mayor Filner is guilty of being sexy or if that’s wrong, than I don’t want him to be not guilty or right” yelled Dan Mack as he waved a large Filner Cardboard head in the air.

A single supporter, a massive hunk of tanned flesh of a man on a  bike joined Dan Mack.  The man refused to give his name, wishing to remain anonymous, however advised that he can be found on CraigsList under the name “DirkDigler”

Dan Mack looks on as his deeply tanned compadre on a bike rides off into the sunset.