Posted on Feb 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I went to take some pictures of Trevor my friend a couple of days ago.  We didn’t get started until after the sun went down so we really didn’t have any lights besides flashes to take pictures.   We went to Windansea Beach, one of my favorite beaches, and not to far from my home.  Trevor put on a suit, tie and Penguin outfit and we took some shots.  I like shooting with flash because you can essentially freeze action and get some pretty cool effects.  In this particular photo we used a backflash (which Trevor is covering with his body) and a front flash to capture and light his face and body.  One of the great things about back-flash is that you can highlight things around your subject.  It’s great for capturing rain, smoke, mist or as in this picture – SAND!  I think this picture turned out cool because it looks like he is whipping the sand and it is coming right out of the palms of his hands.  Flash photography can be a lot of fun.