In My Life

Posted on May 11, 2014 in Family

On Saint Patrick’s Day this year, we all headed down to my Dad’s house for a party.  Mom cooked Corn Beef and Cabbage (one of his favorites) and we even got him a Guinness Beer.  It was a real Irish party.

We knew something was wrong earlier that week but at the time we didn’t understand how wrong it would turn out to be.    This was one of the last times he ever ate a meal and the last time he had a sip of his favorite beer.  Looking back at that night, I realize now it was a celebration of him and what was most important to him – family.

This video is a tribute to his life – a way of looking back from that celebretory night- to his childhood – then moving to California – starting a family – having 12 kids and then 24 grandkids.    His life centered around one thing – his family -and you can see exactly that in everything he did.

Good Job Dad.