Messages from Dad as If He was Here

Posted on May 14, 2014 in Family

About 3 years ago, I asked Dad if I could interview him on camera.  He said yes but on one condition; and that was that he could get the list of questions that I wanted to ask him so he could prepare.

He prepared for weeks and finally he was ready.  I told him to come to my house that night.  He showed up in a suit and told me that he was so happy that he told all his friends he was coming to his sons house to do an interview.

For 3 hours or so I asked him questions but for the first hour it was difficult.  Every time I would ask him a question, he would read his prepared answers off the paper.  It took about an hour for me to finally get him comfortable enough to just talk to me and when he did, he had lots to say.

This is a video with just about 20 minutes of those conversations. Unfortunately, over the years some of the videos got corrupted and they became pixelated.  I guess that was ok, since what I really wanted was the audio anyway.    I thought it was the right time to play some of those tapes so I got video messages from many of his kids and grandkids.

This is some of those messages from dad.