InstantLab – Transferring Iphone Photos to Polaroids

Posted on Jun 25, 2014 in photography


The Impossible Project is an amazing little company that is giving second life to Polaroid Instant Film.  Since Polaroid Instant Film was stupidly abandoned by Polaroid Corporation in favor of their lame Zink printing technology, which no one likes,  the film was destined to go away forever which would have been a shame.  The Impossible Project aimed to, and eventually succeeded in keeping the Polaroid film manufacturing plants up and running.

The InstantLab

One of the clever things that Impossible Project has done is to provide a neat little contraption which allows me to take my iPhone and convert a picture I take into an actual Polaroid Film Print.    The whole process takes about 20 minutes per print (mostly development time) and uses a little tower that you place your iPhone on so it can record the image to film.  I think I have processed at least 100+ images on it and its a ton of fun.


Where to get it

You can buy the InstantLab at Impossible Project and it currently runs about $199 which is a little steep but it is actually a great way to ensure that you capture some of your iPhone images so that they will last a lifetime and not just until you upgrade to the iPhone 6.  The film is pretty expensive too and can run about $2 a print or more but I am always on the lookout for specials and they have quite a few promotions throughout the year.  Besides, its nice to support a company that is doing something to save a valuable part of photographic history – Polaroid Film