The Final and Most Important Leap Forward in Photography of All Time

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 in Funny


Its not what you shoot, Its How you Shoot

In todays rough and tumble world of Photography you need to stand out and have your own style.  With photographers endlessly jockeying for likes on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, 500PX, Flickr, Tumblr one breed of photographer is emerging as the ultimate champion – The Style Shooter.

The Style Shooter is expert in all stances and knows that good photography is in the art of presentation.  He understands the evolution of photography and strives his Darwinian best to survive.

Photography is no longer about the way the photo looks. And, even more importantly, its no longer about the Filter.  No, Photography is about the way YOU look taking the photo. In fact forget the memory card.  You don’t even need it anymore.

Style shooting is the ultimate victory for Form over Substance.  It is a battle which has been waging in photography for years.

Create Your Own Personal Style

I read to be a successful photographer you have to get your own personal style.  I have been working on various styles but to be honest its brutally hard and requires (as many of people have told me) years of practice and a ceaseless commitment to become the best.

I’m getting good.  But am I getting great? Only time will tell.


The Style is the Substance

Drawing the distinction between style over substance can be extremely difficult.  Just look at the popularity of post processing filters and you realize style is often more important than substance.  So, naturally we have evolved to the point where the style is the substance.  Now, we must learn the style.  We are stylist and must set the trend.

Will this shot look good?  Who cares.  Do I look good? No, but I’m working on it and that is what matters.


An Impressive Technician of The Trade

His Name is Matt McDaniel – I came across his shots online – check his article out here.    If you’re going to hire a wedding photographer, or someone to photograph a special event you want your guest to know you got the best photographer out there.

Imagine, as the guest come in and see this firestorm of a photographer making the rounds getting shots.  His sheer force and determination to conquer every shot will be all the guest will remember – they will never even remember to check out the pictures he took they were so impressed.

An impressive and awe inspiring self portrait the photographer shows of his technique


A Virtuoso and His Craft

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the heavy hitter in the Big League of Style Shooting – Tangkap Gambar.  Tangkap’s style is marked with fluid motions, near seamless segue ways from shot to shot, and breathtaking postures done nonchalantly and seemingly without effort.

Look how he stands out from the crowd.  Other photographers try to get the shot.  They cannot because the wedding parties eyes are glued on him.  The sheer mastery at work is  enough to make you want to get your camera and change the way you do photography.  I know I did, and I am a fan