My Favorite Photos 2014 and The Stories Behind Them

Posted on Dec 27, 2014 in photography

#1 Sunset People

There are some days when I head down to the beach that I just know the sunset is going to be special. On this particular day, I knew it was going to be one of the most extraordinary.  The sun was setting and there were perfect light clouds that stretched all over the sky that would perfectly capture the light.  There was something very autumn-esque about the feel.  This was the last picture I took of that sunset and my favorite of the day.


#2 We can Fly

We were headed up  the coast to visit Kathy and stopped at a remote beach called Guadalupe.  It was entirely made up of miles of very large sand dunes.  The wind whips the sand high on to the shore creating these mountainous san dunes.  The beach was so windy that sand whipped down at our feet and legs as we walked.  We came across a flock of birds sitting on the sand and Tu ran in the very middle of the birds.  All at once, it seemed like Tu could fly.


#3 – Don’t Go To the Devils Den

You don’t want to go down that road there” she advised us as we rolled down our window of the truck, “the guy down there has a shotgun and you’ll find yourselves in trouble”.  ”You best stick to the main roads”.  When we inquired about the “abandoned and derelict” homes that we had read about in Hidden San Diego, she claimed to have “never heard of any such place” even though we suspected it was less than a mile away and she appeared to be a long-time local.  Needless to say, Me and Bill found the Devils Den that day and it was every bit as weird as we thought it would be.


#4  St Paddy’s Day

We headed down to Dad’s house on St Patrick’s Day to celebrate his favorite holiday with him.  We didn’t know it would be his last at the time, and less then one week later he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and advised that he had less than a few months to live.  When I took this picture, I realized it was the happiest picture that I had ever taken of him.  How glad I am that we took the time that night to celebrate his last St Patricks Day with him.


#5 –  Ring Pops!

Going to Darla’s Birthday parties are always a hoot because you never know what to expect.  Elizabeth and Greg had created this extravagant themed Renaissance Party for the kids and it was amazing.  When it came right down to it however, the kids seemed to get the most enjoyment out of the 25 cent ring pop’s that Liz left in a jar by the door.  This was Darla going crazy for her ring pop.


 #6 – Sunset Surf

I didn’t want to go out to take pictures that afternoon but I forced myself too.  I believe that photography requires an enormous amount of practice and time so I always make it point to go out and force myself to at least go out and look for pictures.   I always tell people that are just starting out that practicing photography is way more important than the camera and lens that you are using.  This particular night I caught this shot of a surfer heading out to water.   I loved the picture and was glad that I took the time that day.


#7 Mr Clean

Frankie and James love to sweep and mop floors.  I don’t know where they developed such a fascination with it but I think they like to be helpful.  Which is why when they come over to my house, I put them to work the instant they arrive.  I took out the camera and I caught this shot of James really putting his back into the scrub. I think the photo was enhanced by the big new eye glasses that he wore that day.  He has since thrown the glasses out of the car window while his mom drove down the freeway.


 #8 Trash Pail Kids

Growing up in Chula Vista is an experience that I wanted to make sure all of our nieces and nephews had.  One of our best memories as kids was filling up dirty trash cans and swimming in them.  We were not poor by any means but we love to tell the story of how poor we were.     I went out and bought a nice new clean trash can and we had a swimming party just like we did when were kids.


 #9 – Give her a Hug

“Give lil Camille a hug”, Michelle said to Isabella, “Give her a hug for the picture.”  Isabella reached down and gave lil Camille a hug and then I snapped this picture.


 #10 – One Last Story for Dad

In Dad’s final few days there were few peaceful times for him but he did find it.  One of those moments came when I went into his room and saw Liz reading him a story. He seemed to love it so.