Back in Time in Birmingham

Posted on May 21, 2015 in Travel

Another business trip.  It’s been quite a lot of travel lately but I am trying to make the best of it by going out after work exploring with my iPhone and checking out cities.  Since I don’t really carry my camera on business trips, I am getting some good practice using the iPhone.

Today I am in Birmingham Alabama. I have never been to Alabama before, this is my first time.  It’s hot here.  People are friendly and there is a lot of history.  I usually try to spend 2-3 hours really walking around a city to get a feel for what it offers.  Every city has a personality and Birmingham is no exception.   It’s a city that really hasn’t gotten a very big start at downtown renovations so things are stuck in a time in a way.  There is also a huge University campus here so its a combination of old, meets new.

On the way home


A whole section of the town is filled with vintage old car shops.

birm2 birm1

 Some parts of town seem stuck in this year.


Old Jim N Nicks BBQ Joint


 I like the old signs in this place.


 Office to nowhere.


Photos about the town

birm10 birm11birm16birm21