Best Place to Take Pictures in New Mexico

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in Travel

I was in White Sands New Mexico walking through the middle of the desert and I came upon a nice looking tree.  Now it obviously doesn’t rain here much, and the ground is just sand; dry sand, dryer than any desert in the world.  So how does it survive.  It turns out that there are several tricks plants use to survive in arid landscapes.  They have small leave.  Small leaves require less moisture to grow.  Since there is so much sun the plant does not need too much leave space to pull in the suns rays anyways.  They have deep roots.  The trees in the desert, like this one have roots 80 feet deep.  Think about that.  That is about 10 times the length of roots in your backyard.  That allows them to soak up so much more water during the dry months.  The last thing is that these plants grow very slowly.  They preserve their energy by growing much slower than trees in your backyard.   This tree for example has never had a gardner come in and trip its branches.

Desert nature is certainly beautiful, and no place is more picturesque or nice to photograph than White Sands. I posted my pictures at this location if you want to see some beautiful pictures of a beautiful place.

I believe White Sands New Mexico is one of the most beautiful places in the world and that is why I recommend it as the best place to take photos in New Mexico.