The Science of Ice Cream

Posted on May 7, 2015 in Family


It started at about 4pm.  Darla began asking everyone what type of Ice Cream they were going to order.  “Frank, What type of Ice Cream are you going to order?”.  She was prepping for the big night out when she was promised Ice Cream.

All through Dinner (which she barely ate a bite of) she asked everyone at the table two questions – 1) Will you go and get an Ice Cream with Me, and 2) What type of Ice Cream you are going to get.

She on the other hand could not seem to make up her mind but she did keep saying that she was going to order “Banilla” cause it was the best.  At the Ice Cream Shoppe she completely flipped however and ended up getting Chocolate and Banilla which seemed to be the perfect choice.  I chose it too.