The Jetsons Prove How Miserably We’ve Failed at Technology in the Last 50 years.

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 in Funny

While watching the Jetsons this weekend, I realize just how miserably technology has failed us in the last 50 years.  We were supposed to be much further along the technology curve riding in space ships and having practically everything taken care of. As a kid, I was thinking we would have most of this stuff by now, but here is a list of ways that we have been ripped off.

Food Machines, Where are they?

What happened to the machine where we were supposed to be able to hit “Irish Stew” and have it pop out piping hot in front of us 5 seconds later.  Never happened.  Flying Pizza?  Sure I’ll have one.  What’s That? It still doesn’t exist!  Come on now.


We are still brushing our own teeth, Why is that?

Well here we are.  It’s 2015 and I still have to sit there brushing my own teeth. Back and forth.  It hurts my arms!  There were supposed to be machines by now that let me sleep while they scrub my teeth and then shower me and then dress me.  All I was supposed to do was lift my arms up so the clothes could be put on.


Kid Space Ships Never Happened.

The Jetsons used to pop Junior in the spaceship, push a button and then send him off to school in a self driving space ship.  I haven’t see those happen yet. Why not?  There has been plenty of time and the way kids are these days, I’m getting tired of driving around so much. It seems like somebody should be on this and making it happen.  It would save us lots of time and besides it looks fun for the kiddy kids.


We Still Don’t Have Robot Maids

Rosie the Robot Maid used to do absolutely everything for the Jetsons.  Not only that but she had a caring and motherly personality.  Exactly the type of robot maid one would want.  We’re still forced to deal with human maids.  They’re slow and sometimes complain and even require days off.  Where are our Robot Maids?!


The Turn off the Boss Button (Still Not Available)

George Jetson used to have an awesome panoramic desk with just a few buttons and a big display.  The most popular button was right in the middle of the desk and he would use it to shut off his boss. It was a great little piece of useful technology but it was never made available to the general public.


Space Rocket Helmets are a Long Way Off

Given the fact that we are just starting to get Electric Cars and space travel going, I am not going to hold my breath waiting for the space rocket helmets that we should have had by now.  They looked fun and convenient.


Space Busses – Any hope of those?

Rosie the Robot Maid used to take cool space busses home everyday.   They were on these long poles up in the sky but I think these are still a long way off.


Totally Automated Manicure and Haircut Machine

This machine promised a very relaxing and totally automated day at the nail and hair salon but these are still nowhere in sight.


So there you have it.  Obviously technology has failed us.  As a human race we should have been much further along than we are today.  I guess we’ll have to wait another 50 years.  Hurry it up though, I still want to try that flying pizza.