Party On at the Straight Edge Punk Show

Posted on Oct 11, 2015 in Family


The Pink Champagne Cake was flowing at the Punk Show last night.  And this was not any punk show but Paddy Boy’s Straight Edge Punk Show with his Band.  The crowd was hyped grooving to the cool sounds and knowing that this was ground zero for the place to see and be seen. YOLO was the theme of the night and the selfie crowd was in full effect. Fashion was the word dirty bird.

The Kardashian’s blew it off but we know ever since Caitlyn rained on their party parade and up’d the It Factor to 11 (BITCH), that the gal’s and their side kick Scott Disik (the cheater), are off in France doing god knows what.  Who hates them? Hellloooo!  #kardashiansgotcrowsfeetbitches.


Table Service please, and only VIP need apply for our section at the Che Cafe, which was flowing with Grey Goose.  “Let the rest of them eat cake!”, Mom shouted shortly after her mandatory two shot buzz kicked in.

From there it just amped higher and higher – SDGE EAT YOUR HEART OUT LETS TRIP THE POWER ON THE WHOLE CITY, kinda party.

By the time, Paddy Boy dropped the beat on the crowd it was all shouts, giggles and butt slaps all around by the “In” crowd.  You gotta love the in crowd doing their “it’s the shit thaang yessirz”


“Ain’t nothing but a G Thang Baby” , Dan the Man replied to me when asked what time Geno needed to be home.  This all ages show promised to get everyone in bed no earlier than 5am when the after, after, after party concluded and the last bits of a Denny’s Moon over My Hammy (the hangover antidote) were finished by all.  Dine and Ditch Baby. F%8k THE PO PO (word). #ThtDenny’sAllDayBrkfstTho.


You’ve got to thank this all night crowd of Hollywooder’s for taking straight edge to its new form.  The form of stream of consciousness were its a no-holds barred eyeball to eyeball jello-shot-duel with the devil himself.  Its’s shot for shot against the devil and we’re drinking him under the table.


And you gotta give mad props to Momma J for keeping it realz.  “Champage on Ice is so Nice” was her theme while she raised 12 kids and still managed to keep her party lifestyle going with the after hours crowd at Colony House.


This was an epic night.  But what’s new?  I mean we do this every night and we ain’t never coming down and we ain’t ever getting old and we ain’t ever gonna get jobs. We live for summer.  Let’s hear it for the BOYZZZZ, and by the BOYZZZ, I mean Paddy’s All Boy Band who thumped the beat and dropped the beat like Skrillex.

party-on-8Peace out my brothers and sisters.  Now raise your champagne cake and let’s party!