The Epic Run

Posted on Nov 26, 2016 in Family

Pete and Patrick were talking about the old Sylvester Stallone scene in Rocky 3 when he is training with Apollo Creed and they sprint race each other on the beach. It’s a classic scene from maybe one of the best Rocky Movies.

Patrick challenged Pete to a sprint race.  But Pete was reluctant, saying that he had not run in many years.  But everyone started chanting and yelling for them to have the race.

After what seemed an eternity.  Pete and Patrick lined up for a 20-yard race (if that).  They sat at the starting line for a few minutes and finally Irish called the start, “Ready, Set, Go”

And they were off.  The race was neck to neck the whole way.  Patrick started pulling ahead and Pete launched his afterburner and caught up.  Which turned out to be a mistake he realized as he heard is hamstring pop.

That was it.  The race was over.  It was a tie.  But Pete’s Hammy sure hurts today.