Warm waters in La Jolla

Posted on Aug 13, 2012 in Family

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is awesome.  The water off the coast of La Jolla is a bit like Hawaii with temperatures that are over 70 degrees at the moment.  That means that the beaches are packed with swimmers and surfers and Tu and I were there to join them.  The water was so warm and nice that we swam for awhile. I even wore my sun glasses in the water – and of course I lost them.  It was another beautiful Sunday at Sea Lane Beach in La Jolla.

Grunion Hunting

Posted on Aug 4, 2012 in Family

I always thought Grunion were just a mythical creature like those “Skype” hunts that you used to go on in camp.  It wasn’t until I was older that I discovered that those Skype hunts were just a fancy way of getting kids to do some activity at night and that Grunion were actually real fish that people caught on the beaches after full moons in summer.  Well people do catch them, but we didn’t.  We all headed out for a late night trip to Coronado to catch some of those elusive fish but we didn’t catch anything.   It was a fun night, but no fish.

At first Geno was fightened because he heard that he might step on Grunion

Later he became the Grunion Hunter.


A common mistake people will make – confusing seaweed for Grunion.  Here, Eoin is pictured eating seaweed not yet aware of it thinking he is eating grunion.

Tu manages a smile even through the sadness of not finding any grunion.

The hunters at work.

Irish Giron’s Graduation Beach Party

Posted on Jul 30, 2012 in Family

Irish is about to move to Los Angeles to go to Loyola Marymont University.  To celebrate his moving on to college we had one last party. It was great and everyone had a fantastic time. What a great day we had.


Frankie and James

Posted on Jul 29, 2012 in Family

I went to Bridget and Michaels house today to photograph their new little babies – Frankie and James.  Bridget just returned from New York City with the twins that Michael and her adopted. Each of them has their own personality.  Frankie is more of the emotional one but he loves to hug and snuggle with his brother James.  James is more calm, cool and collected and doesn’t like to be snuggled up against by his brother.  When Frankie tries to hug him, he cries and pushes him away.  And they are both super strong.  James grabbed my finger when I was trying to move the blanket out of his face and he practically cut off the circulation to my hand.  These little guys are very healthy and very strong.

Frankie is hugging James here, James probably doesn’t realize it because he is sleeping away. if he was awake it might be a different story.

Bridget kisses there feet.  They have cute feet don’t they?  I think their feet are so tiny.

Oliver says that he loves having two younger brothers. He is a great older brother and takes great care of his younger brothers.

Even if they sometimes scream and cry a little too loud for him.

Welcome home Frankie and James

Sea Lane Beach

Posted on Jul 23, 2012 in Family

I heard someone yell my name, “Frank!” as I was slowly backing my way out of my parking space.  I was on my way to run some errands and while I barely heard my name through the car window, I decided to stop and look to see if indeed someone was trying to stop me.  Then up the street I saw her and some familiar faces – Mary, Lucy, Irish and Charlie were running up to my car.  What a pleasant surprise.  They told me that they were on their way down to Sea Lane beach (the street on my beach) to do some swimming and to hang out for a couple of hours.  Well, needless to say I put my errands on hold and decided to bring my camera down and take some photos of the family at the beach.  It’s July here so the sun is shining and everyday is a perfect beach day.


I brought my bright red umbrella down to the beach because I really hate sitting on in the sun and baking.  Mary gladly took shade under the umbrella happy to have it so she could watch Irish and Charlie swim without having the hot sun on her face.

I remembered about 5 years ago in the same spot we were sitting I took a picture of Irish, Charlie and Lucy running down the beach to the water. That was in July as well so I decided to try to re-enact the scene as best I could.  Well, I messed up the order I discovered when I got home and looked at the original picture but it was still fun. I think Lucy is twice as tall now.

Irish and Charlie are tremendous athletes and do flips pretty much all over San Diego.  We decided to do some flips on the beach.  Some girl came up to Charlie and asked to do some flips with them too.

Charlie was doing some massive flips, you can see the determination on his face to land each one – which he did on his feet.

Irish did some incredible flips as well. In this shot it looks like he is flying straight down from the sky.  He got so high, went upside down and still landed on his feet – amazing.

And there is Mary, looking smashing on the beach in her Oakley glasses which she took from Irish while he was performing circus jumps

Everyone says Mary and Lucy are twins. I think so, what do you think?

Those Giron’s love their awkward family photos.  Here they are posing around the red umbrella.

They call him handsome Charlie.  Why do they call him handsome Charlie?  Well because he is handsome like Rock Hudson and James Dean.

Before we left the beach, Irish wanted one last shot. He called the shot “Illuminati” which I seem to remember being something Tupac started years ago.



Posted on Jul 13, 2012 in Family

Tu and I teamed up tonight and took some beautiful pictures of Ayden, Marisol’s Baby.  He is a beautiful and tiny little baby and is so cute. Check out the pictures we took of him.


4th of July Fun

Posted on Jul 5, 2012 in Family

4th of July is just one of the favorite holidays in our family.  Growing up in San Diego you get an appreciation for the beach and 4th of July is pretty much the most spectacular beach day in this city.  Generally certain beaches get upwards of 250,000 visitors – so adding up all the gorgeous beaches here you can expect a few million crowded along San Diego’s coastline.

Well, yesterday didn’t meet up to the typically sensational San Diego weather.  It was drizzling in the morning – a product of some pretty heavy leftover “June Gloom” marine layer that we get here in San Diego.  With global warming our June gloom is starting earlier (May) and ending later (Mid July). Imagine all of the tourist that come to San Diego expecting the weather to be awesome only to find out that it is some of our worst weather of the year during the summer. If you want to come to San Diego, come in January. That is when the rest of the country is sub-zero temperatures and San Diego is experiencing sunny skies and 70 degree weather.

4th of July was a blast in spite of the weather.  The whole family met at Mom’s Coronado cottage and had a blast.  Nephews,nieces and lots of guest were in town so it made it an extra special occassion.

This is not an apron, this is Danny’s actual body and he is wearing a speedo with pants underneath the bottom part of his legs

Danny smoked this pork for over 12 hours, it was delishcious.

How cute is Oliver. On a scale of 1-10, and if you say 11, you are correct.

Oliver and Geno are great friends and love to pose for pictures.

Oliver just chillaxin.  You know, chilling and relaxing at the same time.

Hello, I am wearing Frank’s super cool shades and I look much better in them then he does.

What the heck Geno.  How do you always manage to take such awesome portraits.  You are amazing little guy.

Oliver looks like some type of enforcer in this picture.

Tu is so patriotic!

Oh my goodness.  What is going on here with Tu?  Some explain this to me please.

Ahh, what a great day with family.  We love the 4th of July here.

More Adorable Darla in Yellow Summer Dress

Posted on Jun 17, 2012 in Family

Another rare treat – Elizabeth and Darla were in town for the weekend so we get to see them and catch up with all that they are up to.  We saw Darla at the BBQ Pit in National City and she came dressed in yellow summer dress and matching walking shoes.  And in her Yellow shoes Darla was all set to walk – and that is just what she did – she walked all over the entire BBQ inside and outside talking to every table she came upon.

Wearing an adorable yellow summer dress and matching shoes – Darla was ready to walk. And she did just that – practically running I must say.

Sure she fell a few times, but she always got back up and clapped for herself. She clapped for herself every time she fell down.

Another fall and let’s all give ourselves a round of applause.

Darla has seriously discovered the sheer joy of walking.  It can be loads of fun and makes it easier to get to more places.

We were really hoping this grass was clean because she kept rolling around all over it.  But look at that smile.

Meanwhile, back in the restaurant Darla carries on a lively conversation on her cell phone paper plate.  Good gossip among girls. Much was discussed – Darla was stunned at some of what was said by her good friend – and amused at other times.

Darla tried quite a variety of the cuisine that night.  She had a little ketchup, some mustard, bread, french fries, beef, cupcakes, struddle, potato salad, pepsi, water.  She wanted something called “ladi ladi ladi ladi ladi” and kept pointing in the direction of somewhere else.  We never did figure out what it was actually.

Pretty much pooped out by the end of the evening and ready to call it quits.  Goodbye Darla, we’ll see you again tomorrow.  Perhaps we can go to the beach?