In front of the camera

Posted on May 21, 2012 in Family

It is rare that you will find photos of me lately. I spend a lot more time behind the camera than in front of it.  Kevin took this cute picture of Tu about to give me a kiss.  We were trying to come up with a new cover photo for Facebook for her and she wanted one with both of us in it.

Sunny days in La Jolla

Posted on May 17, 2012 in Family

We got our bikes out today and rode down to the beach.  The weather in La Jolla is beautiful and Tu used the nice weather to test out her new bike.  It was another gorgeous day in La Jolla and she is excited to have a new mode of transportation to take rides down to the beach.  Gotta love La Jolla and the beautiful days here.

Tu flashes the peace sign as she rides her bike to the beach.

Tu sits on the rocks and smiles for the camera.

She is trying to fly away over the ocean.

Tu having fun, sticking her tongue out as she rides her bike home

Look at the nice sea blue polish she wore on her toes today.

Tu looks back as the sun shines behind her.  Another beautiful day in La Jolla


Kathy Nash Turning Trash to Cash

Posted on May 13, 2012 in Family

Kevin had a great idea to make a nice video for his mom today.  We were at the Grand Tetons and it we decided to shoot the video right off the side of the road.  People were wondering what we were doing and everyone was gawking at us.

This one is for you Kathy Nash.  Happy Mother’s Day to the best vintage antique picker in the world!

Kevin sings Ukulele in Yellowstone

Posted on May 12, 2012 in Family, Music

Kevin broke out the Uke and performed  a little song in front of roaring mountain which is ablaze with steam holes.  You can see the steam pouring out of the mountain as he strums his uk

Hello Mellow Yellow

Posted on May 11, 2012 in Family, Travel

We drove 11 hours yesterday and arrived in Salt Lake City.  This morning we got up early again and drove another 5 hours to arrive in YellowStone by 1:30.  We are really working hard to see many places and so is my car.  Actually when we got into the car it broke down and I had to call the emergency service to help us get the car fixed.  They ended up towing the Rover all the way back to Salt Lake City where we had just come from (5 hours away) to get it fixed. If they are able to fix it we will get the truck back tomorrow so we can continue our travels.  For today we ended up renting a car and seeing some amazing things.

In the first 1o minutes in the park we saw Buffalo, Elk, Antelope, Eagles and a Wolf.  There is so much wildlife here and it is fantastic. Yellowstone is truly a national treasure.  We are going to stay here another day and take in some more of this amazing place.

The have recently discovered that YellowStone – the entire park is a super volcano.  The park is basically a big crater.  There is hot water, rocks and sulpher springing up everywhere.  It is a dormant volcano but if it blows it is going to be huge.

Kevin walks into the fog of sulpher along the steam path.  These paths are everywhere in Yellowstone allowing visitors to get up close and personal with the various craters.

It is pretty chilly here.  Today was about 45 degrees.  Much different than the other parks that we have visited.

Zoom to Zion

Posted on May 9, 2012 in Family, Travel

After waking up in Las Vegas and saying a quick goodbye to Phil the Dash Nash we were back in the Range zooming our way to Zion National Park.  Zion National Park is located in the remote areas of Utah not far from the Arizona border and it is basically a magnificent canyon that contains the highest sandstone peeks in the world.  It is pretty awe inspiring but you have to wonder as you travel through the huge canyon if you are going to get your head clobbered by a bolder.  When you look up 1000 feet or more at these huge peeks you can see huge pieces that have broken off and fallen into the valley below. Kevin and I kept sharp eyes all around us and we were prepared to duck and run for cover if we saw anything coming for us.  It was a beautiful place – another great day and some great photos.

The SandStone peeks at Zion are beautiful and are said to be the highest in the world.  We heard thunder and thought there would be storms today.

On the way we spotted this tree in the middle of the desert.  There were shoes hanging all over the tree and we had no idea what that meant.  Nice shoes too.

We hiked and hiked and hiked and hiked.  The Canyon is not huge but we kept seeing beautiful places that we wanted to get too.  Our feet are sore now.

Kevin wore the soles off his shoes and he kept slipping down the mountain because all the treads are gone.

By the end of the day we were beat.  Well, we will do it all again tomorrow when we head to Arches National Park. We should be in good shape by the end of this.

Road Trippin to Wyoming

Posted on May 8, 2012 in Family, Travel

Kevin and I decided to take a little last minute adventure – one that should take us on a 3,500 mile round trip up to Wyoming and back.  Our first stop today was Las Vegas and on the way we stopped by a small town called Baker.  We found an old abandoned motel that looked like it might be inhabited by Zombies but we weren’t completely sure actually.  The adventure begins.  Tomorrow – Zion’s National Park and hopefully no Zombies tomorrow.

Kevin’s French Song

Posted on May 7, 2012 in Family, Music, photography

Kevin and I spent last Saturday filming a video for a beautiful arrangement that he put together with the theme song from Amelie.  Kevin spent a long time producing 4 separate guitar parts and fusing them together with some beautiful harmonics.  The song originally played on the accordion sounds beautiful on the guitar and even has a hint of Spanish influence.  It was a great day and Kevin made a beautiful song.