Waitin on a Friend

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Mister Tooth

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Filmed on Super 8

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Super 8 film came out in 1965 by Eastman Kodak and was debuted at the Worlds Fair that year.  The film was special because it came in square plastic containers and had 50 feet of film inside which would give you about 2 1/2 minutes of footage filming at 24 frames a second or 3 1/3 minutes at 18 frames per second.

When the film was developed it came out on these tiny reels and people would loop it into their projectors and watch it like you would in a movie theater.  Sometimes the projector would jam up and  you would watch the bulb of the projector burn through the film.  Ahh, the olden days.

It was extremely popular because the film was reliable and it was so easy to load into cameras.  Eventually though, the film format was replaced by digital video cameras.

Patrick has been experimenting with Super 8 film and purchased a new vintage film camera called the Canon 814 XL-S.  This was his first experimental roll and it turned out quite nice.  You can see the dreamy texture and softness of the film which gives it that old time quality.

Super 8 was reminiscent of our childhood since our dad would take film of us with a camera like this when we were kids.

BES_7878 2

Watch Out!

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At The Park with Finny

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attheparkwithfinn5finnatthepark3 finnatthepark2 finnatthepark1

Relax Gringo

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I posted this picture of Maria to Reddit today and they really seemed to love it.  Within hours it had garnered close to 17,000 upvotes and made it to the very front page.  You can see the link here which I titled, Cleaning Lady Showed Up To The House Today With This Shirt On

relax-gringo 2

I think my very favorite comment on this picture was the first one that was posted.  I nearly fell out of my seat laughing when I read it.  It added a whole new meaning to “I’m Legal”.  wow.


Little Kingly

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Finn pictured here in the park wearing his traditional Ao Dai and looking like a little king.

littlekingly4 2 little-kingly little-kingly3 2

The Finnegan Jig

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