Experimenting with HDR Photography

Posted on Oct 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

HDR Photography is a relatively new type of photography that uses multiple exposures from very light to very dark exposures to make sure that every element in the photo is exposed correctly.  The darkest and the lightest areas are all lit up so you can see everything.  It’s called HDR because it is high dynamic range photography.  Cameras can only process about 4 stops of light but your eye can see about 11 stops of light.  Have you ever taken a picture and it looks nothing like what you see?  Well its because most of the range of light is lost in the camera.

I just started testing HDR photography this weekend.  Take a look at a regular picture and then a picture enhanced with the use of HDR and some photoshop.  Big difference huh?

Without HDR Method

With HDR Method