Taking pictures of my dad

Posted on Nov 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

He has the same name as me – Frank McKenna.  He was born in 1931 in a tough New York neighborhood and fought his way out of it coming out to California with my mom in the early 1960’s.  At the time they had one daughter – my sister Kathy and they had no money to make the trip.  Arriving in San Diego he eventually settled the family in Chula Vista and established one of the first insurance agencies in the city that was more well known for groves of lemon trees then people or progress. Over the next 40 years he and my mom had 12 kids and supported all of them by money generated from that Insurance Agency.  My dad has always been known as a dynamic and creative business mind and is notorious in Chula Vista for his quick wit and interesting stories.   For example, he once paid a cab driver for a ride home from a bar with our pet chicken Eggatha (much to our dismay).

I had the chance to take some interesting pictures of my Dad and interview him about his life.  The pictures in the gallery show the creative and funny side of my Dad. He was a good father and taught each and everyone of us the value of a good education and hard-work.  I like to think that everyone in our family is extremely successful and that is because he and my mother insisted on teaching us these things.  Every night we ate dinner and prayed together.  Can you even imagine a family of 12 doing that today?  I can’t, but I always feel blessed because for the structure and clear direction that it instilled in us.  We all love Dad a lot and thankful for everything he did for us. Click on the link below if you want to see portrait photos of his gallery.