Adult Crash opens at Standards Record Store Vista

Posted on Feb 5, 2012 in photography

When you think of Vista you probably don’t think of it as the center of Punk music here in San Diego but if Colin Tappe can make his dream a success that is exactly what you will be thinking this time next year.  I first met Colin when he was lead singer in a band my brother played in.  I think at the time they might have been called “Excellent Covers” but I can’t be sure.  Colin has turned his passion for punk and become an entrepreneur by putting his own money down and opening a new record store called Standards in Vista on East Broadway.  The area is pretty cool with some interesting restaurants and businesses in the area.  There is an old fashioned Frosty’s around the corner.  I thought they had all closed years ago.  The record store is called “Standards” because Colin wants to focus on selling the standard stuff you would expect to find in record stores when your looking for old records you want to buy.  He also has a huge stock of classic punk t-shirts – stuff  like the white Minor Threat Out of Step T Shirt that I bought there last night.  Man this place can help you relive some great moments in history.

Standards opened yesterday with a Punk Show featuring Adult Crash (my brothers band).  The place was packed wall to wall and actually turned out to be an excellent venue for a punk show.  Colin was sure to tell everyone at the start of the show to be respectful and low key so that he could have more shows in the future. Judging from the steady stream of police cruisers that were passing by the store almost constantly you could tell the city was in no mood for any trouble.  As far as I could tell there wasn’t any and I’m sure Colin could breathe a sigh of relief.

If you have ever had a chance to see Adult Crash you’ll know that there are three things that really define them – loud, tight and super fast sets.  The average set runs about 12 minutes and its a blur of old fashioned punk played by original straight-edgesters from Chula Vista.  I am always impressed by the flawless performance of the band and also at my brother Patrick.  The set is only 12 minutes but he gulps down a gallon of water in that time and tears all the skin off his hands because he is pounding the drums so hard.   Now that’s Punk.  I am hoping that Colin can turn this place into a success because he’s got something really special here. Check them out if you want to see something cool happening.

Check out Adult Crash’s Website Here