William Fitzsimmons tonight

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Music

I went to see William Fitzsimmons in San Diego again tonight.  I have been a big fan of his music since he released an album called the Sparrow and the Crow and I felt it was a pretty influential album on the folk music scene.  If you have ever seen William Fitzsimmons you know that he is known for his 1890’s beard style and soft singing style.  Actually both of his parents were deaf and that is why he says that he learned to sing softly.  Since there were never loud noises in the house he learned to play very quietly.   William Fitzsimmons is  a true artist and always sings his songs differently each time he plays them.  Sometimes this can be a hit or miss strategy but in the case of his singing and style it is always beautiful.  As an added bonus we got to see Chris, Vanessa, Tierney and Landry tonight at the event.  It was a really great show and a great night.