God Bless my White Chucks

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 in Travel

I have been the wearing the same type of All Star since I was 16.  I wore white, black, red, gray and even plaid chucks through the years but I always come back to white.  I have worn high-tops, low tops, with and without shoe strings but one pair always comes through tried and true – the low top white chucks.  I have worn them with socks and without socks.  Remember when people used to wear shoes without socks?  Don Johnson?  Well, that was me with Chucks but I soon learned that sweating feet was pretty uncomfortable not to mention the blisters.

I first started wearing them when I was 16 after I saw some punkers wearing them around Santa Barbara.  I thought they were so cool with their spiked up hair, ripped jeans, 1950 sweaters and chucks that I went out and bought myself a pair.  They were my first pair and I loved them.  I tried moving to many different types of sneakers through the years but the white chucks just have a hold on me.  I still love them 30 years later.

I like the white converse because they look good with just about everything – suits included if you can pull it off.  Plus I love them because I love white shoes.  The key with Converse is to wash them every few weeks but you have to be careful not to do two things – no bleach and no dryers. You have to let them dry on their own otherwise they crinkle up, and if you use bleach the soles start to turn yellow and that is not a look that you want when you are wearing your beautiful white chucks.  God Bless my white chucks they have taken me to so many parts of the world. They are not always ideal mind you.  When I used to wear them in London for example they made my feet freeze because there is virtually no cushion on these things and it is like walking on the frozen tundra when it gets below 50 degrees outside. Nevertheless I wore them every chance I got.

If you have a pair, then congratulations; if you don’t, then what are you waiting for?  Get your chucks and remember, keep them clean.