Soon to be published photographer

Posted on Apr 7, 2012 in photography

Sometimes having a brother that is an accomplished pilot and that owns a helicopter can come in very handy for someone practicing photography. In this case it is me that is the lucky one that has been able to grab shots that few photographers could ever dream of.  My brother called me a couple of years ago to take some aerial shots of his friends boat that had just been renovated at a cost of $15 million and the Yacht was at a very beautiful state. We took a short 45 minute helicopter ride out the Catalina and shot his boat churning through the water at unbelievable speeds.  I captured some great photographs that were deemed good enough to be pictured in Yachting Magazine which is the magazine that features some of the most incredible boats, ships and Yachts on the ocean today. I am really grateful to finally be published in a magazine.  That is one of things that I really wanted to do as an amateur photographer.