All the way to Arches

Posted on May 11, 2012 in Travel

A 6:o0 am wake up call followed by 6 hours of driving across the desert lands of Utah, and they call this a vacation?  Sounds more like a job.  Well Kevin and I did just that to make time to visit one of the more interesting places and parks in Utah – Arches National Park.  Arches is  known for preserving over 2000 sandstone arches in the middle of the desert.  In 1929 the US created it as a national monument and it is truly a spectacular places.  Kevin and I spent the day finding spectacular photo opportunities in this awesome place.

SandStone Arches – There are over 2,000 of them all over this national park.  It is amazing that they are still standing.

Almost all of the Arches and formations have unusual names that try to describe what the formation looks like.  You can get very creative with many of the names.

This was one of the first formations that we saw in the Park.  It was so large and formidable.

There were some of the formations that Kevin was particularly fond of and insisted that I take some photos of him in front of. I am not really sure why.