Frankie and James

Posted on Jul 29, 2012 in Family

I went to Bridget and Michaels house today to photograph their new little babies – Frankie and James.  Bridget just returned from New York City with the twins that Michael and her adopted. Each of them has their own personality.  Frankie is more of the emotional one but he loves to hug and snuggle with his brother James.  James is more calm, cool and collected and doesn’t like to be snuggled up against by his brother.  When Frankie tries to hug him, he cries and pushes him away.  And they are both super strong.  James grabbed my finger when I was trying to move the blanket out of his face and he practically cut off the circulation to my hand.  These little guys are very healthy and very strong.

Frankie is hugging James here, James probably doesn’t realize it because he is sleeping away. if he was awake it might be a different story.

Bridget kisses there feet.  They have cute feet don’t they?  I think their feet are so tiny.

Oliver says that he loves having two younger brothers. He is a great older brother and takes great care of his younger brothers.

Even if they sometimes scream and cry a little too loud for him.

Welcome home Frankie and James