Easter Sunday was a Fun Day

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 in Family

Everybunny came to the Easter Brunch at the San Diego Yacht Club.  There were lots of high flyers at the Yacht Club and then there was the McKenna Clan.  There was Roast Beef, Shrimp, Filet Mignon, Expensive Hams but all the McKenna’s pretty much just piled up their plates with bacon and then went back and got more bacon.  What a day.  Check out all of the images I was able to take in this gallery.  Ollie and Geno were the only ones hamming it up so that’s why they are in almost all of the pictures. Gallery for Easter Sunday 2013

Tu made cupcakes.  She had all of the bunnies lined up in the refrigerator chilling out until the party started.  The bunnies were standing at attention.

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Frankie and James had cute little bow tie outfits on.  Frankie saw my camera and he went oh no, here we go again with that thing and immediately bust out crying.

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Geno and Ollie were looking dapper dressed to the nines for Easter Sunday. Geno even wore a tie!


Geno and Ollie are good friends and had a great time together.  They are almost the same age and they like doing a lot of the same things.

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Did you see that Oliver is wearing a cast.  A bunch of people signed it.  Darth Vader even signed it.  Cool.

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Oliver was so studious.  This is not pretend.  He is doing homework in the Library so that he can get all A’s on his report cards.

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Look who was there cute as a button.  It’s the boy with the rosy cheeks and button nose that never stops laughing and smiling.  Cute boy.

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And Frankie and James had fun in the end too.  Look at these guys and their shades!  What a couple of cool kiddos.

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