Punta Lobos End of the Road

Posted on May 6, 2013 in Travel

The jeep struggled through a rough patch of particularly sandy road.  My fingers gripped around the wheel in panic while I wondered if I had made a mistake.  Turning off a deserted road in the middle of the Baja Desert Coastline I was determined to show Tu some beaches off the beaten path.

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This cowboy thinks he’s some kind of Chingon standing on his jeep in the middle of the desert. He is not.  He is Gallo. A Chicken.

I glanced down at the 4-wheel drive gears realizing that I had no idea how to operate them and now we might be in trouble.  We were at least 3 miles from the nearest town and if I got stuck it was going to be a long and miserable walk to find help.

I asked her if she thought we should turn around and she smiled at me and said, “You can do it”.  Re-determined to make it happen I put the old jeep in neutral and decided to try my luck at getting us through the sandy dune of a what Mexican’s in these parts called a road.  Somehow I got the 4 wheel drive into gear and all 4 wheels began to strain (slowly at first) over the fine sand.  The engine sounded horrible but somehow pulled us through.

15 minutes later we were on Punta Lobos – a small but spectacular stretch of beach only inhabited by rusty fisherman, abandoned boats and vans and birds.  This was Mexico. This was where we wanted to be and we were there.  Sure we had a bit of a panic but we were on  a beach where few tourist ever laid eyes on.  This was the type of thing that would make the trip memorable.

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 Apparently, this would be us – Living in our Jeep had I not explored the use of 4 -Wheel Drive on the Jeep.

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The Punta Lobos Panga.  Old Men on the Sea do their extraordinary work in these small boats.

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The waves were pounding the shore.  We were too timid to set a foot in them for fear of being washed away.

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How much did these birds care that we were there?  No mucho.