The Old Men and Their Mural

Posted on May 4, 2013 in photography, Travel

We were driving through a tiny village in South Baja Mexico when these two men started waving at us to come over.  They saw me with their camera and they kept pointing to the mural behind them that they wanted me to take a picture of.

It looks like a mural painted by school children and it was about keeping Mexican Water Supplies clean I believe.  You know they always say don’t drink the water in Mexico and I guess the kids that did the sign really got that.

These two old guys were funny.  Not sure they had much to do all day except sit outside a small store and talk to each other.  The old man with the cane pretended to play guitar with his cane while his friend smiled happily beside him.  You can almost see from his smile how he thinks his friend is crazy.  He was a little crazy I would have to say.  Another great memory from Mexico.

DSC_4096 copy