Monks and Colors

Posted on Aug 6, 2013 in Travel

Monks in Vietnam hold a very important place in the culture.  Where they live is peaceful and the temples that they build extraordinary places of calm serenity.

When we approach a temple in Vietnam we hear the slow and steady drone of monks chanting over and over again.  They are praying and it could last for hours.

We visited many temples.  Each more beautiful than the next.  Each calm and peaceful places to reflect.  And each a beautiful place where colors and light are beautiful.

The colors are vivid.  They dress in Orange which seems a perfect compliment to nature around them. 

Colors 2

 Monks live a subsistence lifestyle, relying on nature and goodwill for their survival. Rainwater is captured in these large jugs for cleaning, showers and drinking.


Monks robes are drying in the wind. Simple orange hammocks in the distance provide a place for them to sleep.


Golden Temples in Vietnam are the most colorful buildings in the country.  They signify the richness of a life of spirit that the monks live.


We heard the chants from far away, we got closer.  It was a classroom full of monks reciting chants for hours.


The prayers they recite bring them closer and closer to enlightenment.  Enlightenment brings them closer to awakening and truth.


The head monk shows modesty while being photographed.