27 Degrees in Cincinnati (And Beautiful)

Posted on Dec 8, 2013 in Travel

My toes.  I could not feel them anymore.  My thin canvas converse were no match for the wet and cold snow that was melting all around my feet.   I started to run faster, my camera bouncing off my back, feeling a momentary panic as I recalled a scene from “Into Thin Air” where they talked about mountain climbers losing their toes to frost bite.

This is the wooded area that I ran back through.  It was beautiful, misty and sometimes sunny which lighted the path back to the car.  I turned the heater on full blast to warm my toes.


The trees were lightly dusted with snow.  The blue sky and sun made it seem warmer than 27 degrees.


Every step I took made my shoes more wet and my toes more cold, but it was beautiful.


In the summer, this place must be nice to walk around.  In winter many people walk around too.


I imagined walking through here with Tu.  She would wear her boots and Pea Coat.


The path got colder. Tomorrow it will rain, very cold rain and turn much of this to ice.


Each step of my foot made a scrunch sound in the snow.  It’s a sound we all know.