Twas not for my beautiful Winnie, I’d be a lonely Man Indeed.

Posted on May 26, 2014 in Funny


People don’t understand my fascination with beautiful things….An embroidered silk blouse.  A fancy hat. Wearing Parisian flats and tinkling my toes in the pond. A good book. A glass of Chantilly (No Ice Please.  Please No Ice!) . Succulent exotic fruits dipped in creme de menthe infused cream. A party favor – how lovely!  Gold coins – oh the feel of it in your hands!

Scatting around town with light feet on a sunny morning. A light jog on a foggy beach (like a young Marilyn Monroe). A fur coat made of young fox – how perfectly devine. A single red rose – yes I do love you although I must admit tipsy on this champagne. Ballet in the park.  Ballet in the dark.. yes simply BALLET ANYWHERE.

An oversexed kitten- I do fancy myself just that indeed. Silk pillows to lay ones head. Silk pajamas on a cool morning after that first sip of a Mimosa (dash a bit extra in for me love!)  ah you do know me well.

A painting of me, kneeling, weeping into a willowed and heavily wooded creek while two winged faeries attempt to console me to no avail.  A prancing white horse with princess carriage in tow.   The snap of a pair of fresh white and tight briefs after a salt scrub.

The smell of Minolo Blahniks upon first opening the box. A  single feather in a cap atop a handsome boatman’s head. A flick of a single drop of water that rest upon a leaf on a single tree in a field.  A hummingbird in flight to make your heart dance circles. Fancy ketchup in glass bottles.

These are all those things of beauty that enrich my soul.   And through it all – there is Winnie.  Tis not for my beautiful Winnie, I’d be a lonely man indeed.