Old Sacramento is Like Taking A Step Back in Time

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 in Travel


We headed off to Old Town Sacramento for some Old Town fun.  Its a pretty cool place, I must say.  A very cool place.  Tu loved the place because it reminded her of the TV Show Heart of Dixie.  It was a very pretty day.

tu-replace2 tureplace

The Old Town sits along the Sacramento River and beautiful buildings.  Tu and Vinh sit on a bench admiring the beauty of the city.


Here is a closer view of the vibrant city by the river.  What a pleasant view it is.


Vine sitting and looking cool on the wooden sidewalks. The whole town has wooden planks for sidewalks, just like the Gold Rush days.


Look at Vinh, pulling the train.  He was pulling it with his teeth, but had to pause and use more strength in this photograph


There are tunnels that connect Old Sacramento and New Sacramento.  Here is Tu in one of the tunnels.


And Vinh, hanging out in front of a wall. He likes to hang out on walls for photographs


Tu got hungry.  When she gets hungry she gets crabby!  Just kidding, always very nice

BLOGSAC4So we headed out to the country and got Pumpkins for Dinner!