Foster the People (View from the Backstage)

Posted on Oct 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the best new bands to emerge in the last couple of years is Foster the People. Their song. “Pumped up Kicks” has been on the charts for the last 12 months and has hit #4 recently despite being recorded awhile ago.  The band was formed in LA by Mark Foster hence the name “Foster the People”.  The band was originally called Foster and the People but the name Foster the People stuck.  I had a chance to check them out live in San Diego this week and they put on an incredible show at SOMA.  The songs are incredibly singable and the whole place was jumping and singing the songs along with the band.  I was particularly excited because they gave me a photo pass to the show so I got a unique vantage point (right up front and back stage).  You can check out the gallery of all of the photos in my Music gallery.