A brief on Pelican’s

Posted on Apr 1, 2012 in nature

If you head down the San Diego coast and take a walk along the beach you will probably watch dozens and dozens of Pelican’s soaring up and down the beach in their V-Shaped squadrons.  The Pelican population in San Diego is swelling and you can see evidence of it on any given day.  Many years ago you be lucky to see one or two squadrons a day; the pelican squadrons are  near constant thing throughout the day as they soar back and forth.  I cannot think of any real explanation for it other than the fact that there must be more food for them out along our coast and that is why they are doing so well.

I took this picture of a pelican flying along the coast yesterday afternoon.  They can be quite lovely to watch fly because they fly in long gliding motions. They are so beautiful flying up in the air.  When they are on land however they flop around and can make quite a funny sight.