Lost in Translation

Posted on Jun 19, 2012 in Travel

Well, we didn’t quite make it off the ground.  The catering truck apparently ran into the plane that we were supposed to fly in and they spent 3 hours trying to fix it. By the time they got the plane in working order – the flight promptly announced that they needed to de-board the plane because if they flew to Japan it would take too many hours and according to the union they couldn’t do that.

After de-boarding us and our luggage and about 5 hours we finally got new flights and a hotel. And what a hotel it was – A 3 Star beauty called the Marriott – maybe you have heard of it.  Nice beds, warm showers and to top it all off they gave us $10 vouchers for dinner!  What a wonderful treat and fantastic way to end the day.  The best news of the day is that Eoin became a bit more famous on Reddit by posting an incredibly insightful and hilarious Meme. Were hoping for a better day tomorrow.

This is not Eoin in Japan.  This is Eoin in a hotel – still in Los Angeles.  He is passing the time becoming a Reddit Karma Hero and posting some fabulous stuff.

We flashed these to the Maitre D with the instructions to keep the plates of food coming until we had burned through these little suckers.

Oh look at that.  It’s my suitcase, sitting in a hotel in Los Angeles when it should be on a plane to Tokyo,  Good grief United Airlines, what will you think of next?