Summer Goodbyes

Posted on Sep 3, 2012 in Family

Labor Day, the first monday in September has come and with it summer says it’s last goodbyes.  Kids go back to school, and the streets of La Jolla get a little less crowded as the tourist season ends.  The only way to really celebrate Labor Day is at the beach and with a BBQ, and we did both.  It was a beautiful day and somehow it doesn’t seem possible that summer is ending when it really felt like it just begun.

Geno laughs as we sit under an umbrella at Children’s Pool. The water was warm today.

Danny on the beach. He had wanted to take Geno to Children’s Pool for a long time.  Geno was frightened to go in the water today. Maybe next time.

Geno relaxes on Camille’s lap in his hipster shades thinking about all the great times he had this summer.

Summer is about breaking out the hose and shooting each other with water.  That’s the way it has always been.

There is something about getting sprayed by a hose on a hot summer day that is even more exciting than jumping in a pool.

So refreshing and so cooling.

 What could get more perfect than the sound of an ice cream truck rolling down the street. Ice Cream Sandwich time.

So tired.  What a fun day. Goodbye summertime.