Babycakes Larchmont

Posted on Jan 31, 2013 in photography

I headed up to Babycakes Larchmont in Los Angeles to help Erin and Elizabeth with some photographs for their new pre-packaged baking goods.

It’s a pretty big step for Erin’s business actually. By selling pre-made and packaged Cake mixes she is able to essentially make her business national (international actually) and that means expansion and more potential.

Everyday Erin is signing up more and more re-sellers of these boxes and that is just great news.  I ended up taking quite a few pictures while I was there. Not only did I get pictures of the boxed goods but some of the insane stuff she has created.  She started with cupcakes, moved to cakes, donuts and everything else you could imagine.  Erin has locations in New York, DisneyWorld, Los Angeles and soon to be in Chicago and San Francisco.  The business is booming.

If you want to check out all the images, they are in this gallery – Delicious BabyCakes Photos.  Or feel free to browse a few here.