A Casual Ride up the Mountains

Posted on Jan 12, 2014 in photography

Tu and I went for a long ride in the car.  Up to the mountains to visit beautiful places and to feel the cool mountain air.   One of the funnest things is to visit the small stores a long the way.  They sell fresh fruits, jams, jerky and olives.



The road to Julian and beyond, winds left and right for miles.  Past Julian, just a tiny flash of a town called Warner Springs and high on a hill if you look hard you might spot St Francis Church built almost 200 years ago.  Its a little adobe church. No one was inside.


If you watch by the side of the road you might see deer. You might see a mountain lion or just beautiful views that you won’t see near the beach in San Diego.  Thats what we did. We were just looking for nice views.


Just past Julian as you go left and right, and then left and right again a few dozen more times.  You will come upon a Lake with a  pier and boats.  Its a beautiful lake.  We had a wonderful day today.