Lemons and Flowers

Posted on Jun 30, 2015 in Family

We were going to feed the ducks.  Darla, Jude and Isabella.  Darla had a bag of bread, and Jude brought a Lemon for the ducks.



Before we got to the ducks, Darla stopped to pick some flowers.  She ripped a big handful out from the nice display and we all, “Oh my!” hoping none of the staff noticed her ripping out a handful of flowers.  Darla said, “These are for my mom”


The ducks loved the food.  Darla dumped all the whole hot dog buns on the ground when we got to the ducks.  The ducks preferred small pieces, not whole hot dog buns!  So Isabella knew what to do and she made small pieces for the ducks.  None of the ducks liked the lemon.


Darla fed the ducks too but she held on the flowers real tight.  Bit by bit, though, the flowers started to wilt.  She didn’t let them go though.  She held on tight


This was a bad duck.  He tried to bite me when I went to feed it.  It scared me but ducks are mean sometimes.


Then we went to play on the swings.  Darla asked Jude to hold the flowers for her.  He did, but then he decided he would pull some of the flowers off.  The flowers for her mom started to get smaller and smaller.  She said, “No Jude”, don’t take all the flowers off.  Jude didn’t seem to know any better.  After all he did bring a lemon to feed the ducks right?  He’ll learn.


Darla forgave Jude and said, thats ok, I still love you, and he was happy.  And when she went to hug him she smashed the flowers even more.


We got home and Darla still had the flowers.  She put on her pajamas and crawled into bed.  She looked at her flowers.  They were almost all gone.  They didn’t look at all like when she had picked them.  But she didn’t care.  She said, I’m going to hold these all night and give them to my mom tomorrow.  Good Girl Darla.