1 Penny A Day to Help these Poor Children

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 in Funny


Each year, thousands and thousands of bow tying wearing boys just like this little guy are denied from eating 100% of their candy given to them by the Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday.  In this modern world, its hard to imagine that every kid cannot enjoy as much candy as they can eat in a single sitting and are denied even the simplest of life’s simple pleasures.  The whole basket of candy is given to them, yet somehow they are not allowed to eat it all.  Sometimes the world delivers a crippling blow.

Forced to grovel and live a hungry candy-less existence for sometimes minutes at a time, these poor kids somehow survive and keep positive.  It’s a wonder they survive but it is a testament to the human spirit.

Isn’t there something that can be done for these kids?  Is there a way to help?   The answer is yes.  For as little as 1 penny a day, you can sponsor a child and provide them with much needed candy next Easter.  By donating a penny a day, you will receive a package containing your Easter Candy Foster Baby’s name, age and a photo so you can remember them each and every day.  But more importantly you will receive the tremendous feeling of compassion from helping someone less fortunate and needy then yourself.

So go on.  Give that penny a day.  It doesn’t mean much to you.  But it sure can mean the world to them.