Shooting Elk

Posted on May 31, 2012 in nature, Travel

It’s fun to shoot Elk.  By shoot I mean with my camera and of course never with a gun.  I knew a pretty bad guy once and that was his hobby – shooting and hunting Elk.  He was so bad in fact that he was locked away in jail in Montana and called the worst Poacher in US history.  He was actually accused of hunting Elk in Yellowstone National Park. That is pretty outrageous if you ask me.  This guy, his name was Steve, was supposed to do a bunch of work on my house.  He ended up taking a bunch of money from me and never doing the work.  I knew he was pretty much a con-man and a crook but I never knew he was such an idiot to shoot and hunt Elk in the most protected National Park in probably the world.

In Yellowstone, while we were there. Keven spotted two Elk crossing a river and drinking from it.  We were on a hike and it was a pretty amazing moment to be so close to wild creatures and they didn’t seem so afraid of us.  I thought back to Steve and how he hunted perhaps these very same animals and how he possibly damaged the serene wild calm that they called home.  I guess that is why he got locked up for the next 25 years.  Good riddance. In any case I was really happy to come across these Elk in their natural habitat.