El Caro No Worko

Posted on May 12, 2012 in nature, photography, Travel

Today marked day 2 of our stay within Yellowstone National Park.  Call it luck of the Irish as my car broke down in just about one of the best places you could break down.  Unfortunately today however we found out that they had to special order the part from another state and have it federal expressed by Monday to the location.  Apparently Range Rover does not open on weekends so that is going to have Kevin and I stuck yet another day here in Yellowstone.  I guess the word “stuck” is all based on your perception of the problem.  Things could be worse but this means that Kevin and I will have to do some fast driving on Monday night to make it home by Tuesday. I think we are still on mark to travel over 3500 miles on the road in less than 7 days.

Kevin and I spent the whole day driving through most of the park – actually we drove all around the park and could probably now become Rangers since we know the park so well.  We saw even more wildlife today – Bison, Osprey, Orange Bellied Beavers, Cranes, Elks and Ravens.  We also saw some amazing waterfalls today – the most intense and large that I have seen in my life. The lower waterfalls in Yellowstone must be seen to be believed.  They were loud and millions of pounds of water we pouring over the side of the cliff every minute.  It was a pretty awe-inspring site.

We finished off the day watching 2 elk wade across Yosemite River and pause to drink water – now that was another great day.

A view of one of the great waterfalls at Yellowstone at a location called Artist Point.  It could take your breath away it is so beautiful

Everywhere you look within Yellowstone is like a picture perfect postcard.  This place is called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Can you see why?

Kevin’s smile reveals the terror within his heart as he grips the railing to avoid plunging down through the raging waterfall.

Kevin slapped this surprised Bison on the Butt Cheek as we drove past him.  The Bison literally walked right beside our car – close enough to touch,  or in Kevin’s case, close enough to launch a butt slap on him.

This elk was slightly annoyed that we were watching him wade in the water and have sips of water.  Eventually about 10 cars were lined up taking pictures and trapping the poor elk in the water.

Burned trees are everywhere in the park.  That comes with the territory as boiling hot springs and mud pots spring up in random places and burn everything around.

Burned tree sticks create a barren landscape in some places.  Barren but still so beautiful.

Kevin sits on one of the picturesque park benches in front of a waterfall.