Weekend at the Island

Posted on Jul 16, 2012 in Travel

It’s 26 miles across the sea – Catalina Island is waiting for me.  Tu and I headed over on Friday afternoon to visit one of my favorite places in the world.  My brother offered to let us stay on his boat while they were out of town and we decided to make the trip.  Not only does he have a beautiful boat but is moored on the best can in the Island – right next to the Casino where the waters are still and calm.

We got their Friday afternoon and enjoyed two sun-soaked days exploring the Island and getting some amazing seafood and the best clam chowder that we have ever had anywhere – and we get it pretty much every restaurant that we go to.  Bill, Michelle and Isabela have been living on the boat for the last couple of months and are planning on staying through the entire summer there. It is such a beautiful places and the summers there are fantastic.


I got up early this morning to get a picture off the coast towards the Casino – the iconic building the you first see when you come to the Island.  It really reminds you of something you would see in a European beach.  It’s not a Casino anymore but a Movie Theater.  SpiderMan was playing there is weekend.

Tu and I cruised the harbor in the boat taking in all the beautiful views.  Since the Island is on the side opposite of the currents there is almost no waves there making the water a crystal clear blue

The Island is very small.  The hotels and Bed and Breakfast locations are very quaint on the Island and you get a real sense that things just move slower on the Island.  Everyone is happy on the Island.

Our favorite place to eat was right on the Pier. This came from a tip from a local. You see the guy that owns this place is also the primary importer of Fish to the Island so he gets all the best and freshest seafood.  He has also discovered the two secrets of awesome fish – 1) make sure it is really fresh, and 2) just keep it simple and grill it.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make good fish, you only have to remember those two things.

I could eat fish every day if it tasted this good.  We ate fish every meal while we were there and I am positive that is all that I would eat if I lived there – it is that good. Check out the Tabasco.  Is any meal really complete without a dash of it?  I think not.

Tu was asking for Cotton Candy the whole trip.  Well of course this Island is just like the boardwalk in New Jersey.  You can find T-Shirt Shops, Soft Serve Ice Cream and Cotton Candy all over the place.  One thing we did not find is Buffalo Jerky. The Island is home to hundreds of Buffalo left over from a Hollywood movie.

Tu has never steered a boat before this weekend.  But there is always a first time, and she did great.

Someone is living the good life

Sun-basking on the forward deck of the boat.  Life on the Island is pretty nice

She is about to take the plunge in the water.  Unfortunately the Pacific Ocean, while beautiful is much colder than the Atlantic.  The water is blue and looks tropical but it is still about 68 degrees and feels very frigid. I jumped in myself and was out in a jiffy.

This is her last hurrah before she hurries back to the boat to dry off

Driving a boat around Catalina you start to realize how awesome it would be to stay here for awhile.  Everything is stress free and that makes you feel nice

Someone is hiding. But not doing it too well.

We headed out to the Jetty. It was misty and I caught this picture of Tu under the light post.  It was getting cold and the fog was starting to roll in.

Catalina is still the place where SwordFish boats park out and wait for huge Swordfish that circle the Island.  Ever read Zane Gray fishing stories?  This is where he lived and where he fished.  There are some absolutely phenomenal fishing stories from this area.  Bill and I have often fished the Marlin Classic which draws some of the most experienced Marlin Fisherman in the world

The SeaHunt on the “Island Girl” mooring.  The place we called home for a couple of days the summer of 2012.