I liked this bike

Posted on May 18, 2012 in Travel

I have always liked bikes.  Actually my first major purchase in life was a motorcross bike back in 1980 and I used the first paycheck I ever got to buy a mongoose motor cross bike from some guy down the street.  I think I paid $150 for it and I rode that bike everywhere until it got stolen while me and my sister were in a department store in Chula Vista.

Since that time I have probably owned about 5-10 more bikes and about the same number of scooters. There is something about riding on two wheels that is pretty appealing to me.  In Jackson Hole, we were walking past an interesting alley way and I saw a very interesting bike laying against a brick wall.  The bike had the coolest lines and looked so retro and original that it caught my eye.  What is funny is that the very next day, we were in a bar in the same city and the bartender there told us that he saw us taking pictures of his bike.  He told us the story of it.  It was built in 1957 and the original owner used it to ride their paper route.  They sold it and this guy left it in the original condition. The bike was so cool and had an interesting story.